Most Racist Countries 2019 Report

Economic and trading group, Insider Monkey, has combined the findings from two separate surveys in race relations and compiled a ranking of the 25 most racist nations.

The two surveys cover various facets of racism, but not racism right — as the group points out, lots of people might not even know if they are racist.

The Washington Post conducted the survey and asked if people would enjoy having people of different races. Answers saying no were assumed to have some form of racial basis.


India ranks as number one for all countries which were included in the study’s most state. These groups are meaning that almost all are Indian themselves.

Unlike countries such as the United States which are based on the simple principle of cultural influences and a mixing pot, if you will, India is home to people originally from the country — as opposed to having a population comprised of immigrants who moved into the country from elsewhere later on in their lives. This detail is a huge factor as to why India has been named the most country through the years. Approximately 43.6percent of all Indian folks who took the survey stated that they wouldn’t be comfortable with neighbors that were of different cultures, ethnicities, or races than themselves. An increased percentage of 64.3percent of the participants from India reported they were discriminated against or witnessed discrimination unfold in their home country.


Lebanon’s demographic is Arab folks. Again, Lebanon is a nation comprised of individuals who share a similar background. The population is divided almost fifty-fifty between Christians and Muslims, with about 40.5percent of Lebanese people identifying as Christian, approximately 54% after Muslim philosophy, and another 5.5% of the population thinking in different religions.

The point to be made here is that Lebanon doesn’t have a high degree of diversity within the nation’s borders, meaning that the people are well-acquainted with individuals of similar races and consequently would be reluctant to mingling with other races for the only reason they are not accustomed to doing this in a day-by-day setting.


Third on the list of most racist nations is Bahrain, which is a nation in the Persian Gulf and just off the shore of Saudi Arabia. Bahrain has a population that’s predominately Middle Eastern people, but the nation is home to a good proportion of South Asian individuals also. A little under 50 percent of people in Bahrain are Bahrainis, also. Of the men and women who reside in Bahrain without having been born in the nation, Indians constitute the maximum percentile of immigrants. Bahrain scored a 31.1% and 85.7percent as part of the analysis in discussion.


As part of the analysis, it was discovered that about 54 percent of people in Libya’s group wouldn’t be fine with living next door to people of a different race, whereas 39.7percent of the population stated that they have either been the victim or the witness of discriminatory behaviour in Libya.


They account for 91 percent of the population, with the remaining 9% composed of Bedouin Arabs, Abazas, Turks, and Greeks. As you can see, the concluding remarks concerning the findings of the study for Egypt, Libya, Bahrain, and Lebanon are very much in alignment with those regarding India. It’s difficult to ascertain whether a person is racist or not on the basis of the two questions posed by the investigators.

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